CFA 17/JUN/21-1


300 Indiana Avenue, NW (at the Henry J. Daly Building)
Washington, DC
United States

District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Memorial
Rehabilitation of historic fountain and new memorial wall and ramps
Review Type
Revised concept
Previous Review


Dear Mr. Blake:

In its public meeting of 17 June conducted by videoconference, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed a revised concept submission for the rehabilitation and expansion of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Memorial, located near the northwest corner of the Henry J. Daly Building at 300 Indiana Avenue, NW. Expressing appreciation for the presentation of two additional options, the Commission approved the revised original concept design with the following comments.

In their discussion, some of the Commission members endorsed the new options made in response to the guidance given at the previous review, intended to differentiate the central commemorative part of the wall from the segments flanking the curving walks. However, the majority found the revised original concept design to be the strongest of the alternatives, commenting that its curving, unfolding wall would create a welcoming and generous place that respects the historic fountain; they observed that this space would also allow easy pedestrian movement and would embrace larger groups of visitors on special occasions while also accommodating moments of private, individual reflection. In addition, they commented that the broad curving wall would make the inscriptions more visible from the walks and would allow for names to be easily added in the future. For the refinement of this proposal, they requested making the transitions of its geometries as smooth and continuous as possible, and they encouraged the proposed use of different finishes on the granite surfaces. Finally, they expressed appreciation for this proposal’s responsiveness to previous Commission comments regarding the provision of shade trees to create an inviting, occupiable space.

The Commission looks forward to the completion of the design for this memorial project and delegated the final review to the staff, which is available to assist you.

/s/Thomas E. Luebke, FAIA

Donald Blake, President
The Washington Metropolitan Police Memorial and Museum, Inc.
300 Indiana Avenue, NW, Suite 4067
Washington, DC 20001

cc: Hany Hassan, Beyer Blinder Belle
Robert J. Contee III, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department