Records & Research

John Russell Pope proposal for State, War & Navy Building

The Commission of Fine Arts has in its collection unique documents from the history of the design of Washington, D.C. and its public buildings, such as this 1917 sketch by John Russell Pope, suggesting a new classical exterior for the Second Empire-style State, War and Navy Building adjacent to the White House. (Image credit: CFA)

The records of the Commission of Fine Arts are available to the public for reference. Some of the records—primarily meeting documents from the early 2000s to the present—are available online through the Project Search tool at right or on the Record of CFA Actions page, and the rest are available in the CFA office or at the National Archives. Please refer to the Research Policies page for information regarding hours, costs, and the proper use of reproduced CFA resources.

The CFA also has several research collections available to the public. Please refer to the Research Collections page for more information.