CFA 20/MAY/21-b


15th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue, NW and Maine Avenue, SW
Washington, DC
United States

National Park Service
15th Street roadway
Two-way protected cycle track (bicycle lanes)
Review Type


No objection to the concept design for an interim installation of a two-way protected cycle track (bicycle lanes) along the west side of the 15th Street and Raoul Wallenberg Drive roadway between Pennsylvania Avenue, NW and Maine Avenue, SW, as shown in materials received and dated 6 May 2021, PROVIDED the use of green paint on the existing pavement is kept to a minimum, and that a single stainless steel bollard is used between the two bicycle lanes at street intersections along with 2 to 3 white flexible posts to deter vehicles from entering the cycle track, as shown in the options on page 26 of the submitted presentation. It is understood that a long-term permanent road reconfiguration design will be developed in the future and submitted for the Commission's review. (Previous: CFA 20/JAN/11-p, 15th Street cycle track between President's Park at H Street, NW to E Street, NW. and CFA 21/OCT/10-i,15th Street cycle track between K and E Streets, NW) Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office.