SL 19-144

HPA number
HPA 19-331

600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
United States

Watergate Office Building
New playground, modifications to storefront, new signs
Review Type


No objection to the concept for modifications to an existing retail space for use by KinderCare Learning Centers, including a new fenced outdoor play area, modifications to the existing storefront, two new signs, and two new louvered openings, as shown in materials received and dated 3 May 2019, PROVIDED that the louvered openings both be located within the storefront system rather than through the existing spandrel panel, and PROVIDED that the sign proposed to be mounted to the spandrel panel facing New Hampshire Avenue, NW, be relocated to above the entrance door to the childcare facility. All signs must comply with the sign regulations for the Shipstead-Luce Act area. Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office. Note: This is a concept approval only. When ready, submit the permit drawings and a permit application to DCRA for review by the Commission.