SL 21-187

HPA number
HPA 21-520
Decatur House
Modifications to gardens dedicated to Jacqueline Kennedy
Review Type
Previous Review


No objection to the concept for modifications to the front yard in public space of Decatur House, intended to honor the historic preservation advocacy work of Jacqueline Kennedy at Lafayette Square, as shown in materials received and dated 3 September 2021. Proposal includes the reconfiguration of brick lead walks, the relocation of an existing plinth and plaque, the addition of a new plinth and plaque to match, the addition of a new 31" diameter plinth-mounted bronze sculptural medallion, and the installation of new plant materials. Recommend further consultation with staff on the design of the sculptural medallion and its base prior to submission for permit. Refer to DC Public Space Committee. Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office. Note: This is a concept approval only. When ready, submit the permit drawings and a permit application to DCRA for review by the Commission.