CFA 20/APR/06-4


World War II Normandy American Cemetery
Omaha Beach
Colleville-sur-Mer, France

American Battle Monuments Commission
World War II Normandy American Cemetery
Inscriptions and signs for new visitor center
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Dear General Leszczynski:

In the meeting of 20 April, the Commission of Fine Arts reviewed the proposed inscriptions and interpretive signs for the new visitor center at the World War II Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. The Commission approved the submission with one recommendation: that the French text on the orientation panel not be italicized, as the members thought that the shift in language would be readily apparent to the reader without introducing a typographic change.

The Commission members commended the work done by your agency and they look forward to the review of other projects for the American Battle Monuments Commission. As always, the Commission staff is available should you require further guidance.


Thomas Luebke, AIA

William J. Leszczynski, Jr., Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Executive Director and Chief Operation Officer
The American Battle Monuments Commission
Courthouse Plaza II, Suite 500
2300 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

cc: Michael Conley, ABMC
Patrick Gallagher, Gallagher & Associates