OG 20-002

HPA number
HPA 20-004
St. John's Episcopal Church
Install antennas within existing steeple
Review Type
Previous Review


No objection to concept design for installation of AT&T antennas and all associated equipment, per supplemental drawings received 6 February 2020, PROVIDED no PVC is used at trim, no equipment is visible through the slats of the louvered windows by day or night, the existing slats to be replaced with RF-compatible material will be retained, inventoried, and keyed to their original location for future reinstallation, and the new RF-compatible slats will match the existing exactly in-kind as to dimensions and shaping. Applicant must submit drawings of the existing louvers and new louvers for review and approval by OGB staff, as well as a record of the inventoried slats. File permit submission at DCRA with detailed and dimensioned drawings for review by the Commission.