SL 18-172

HPA number
HPA 18-530

1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
United States

Office building
Cellular antennas
Review Type
Previous Review


Recommend AGAINST the issuance of a permit for the installation of replacement cellular antennas and screening structures for AT&T at an existing rooftop cellular facility, as shown in materials received and dated 6 July 2018, due to insufficient information for review.  Forward a new and completely documented submission, including building elevations of all sectors, dimensioned detail elevations of each sector showing the concealment screens, documentation of the material, color, and construction of the concealment screens, and photo simulations from close and distant views of all sectors.  As noted in the previous review, the original installation of the existing cellular antennas and enclosures was made without CFA review and with no record of a building permit, and they are inappropriately visible from Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.  Refer to the General Services Administration.  Refer to the National Capital Planning Commission.  Refer to DC Historic Preservation Office.