Make the Submission

Before Submitting

Submission Process

This process has two parts: completing an online form and uploading materials.

  1. Complete the online project information form. During this process you will provide your contact information and receive a reference number. Please save your resulting reference number.
  2. Upload your submission materials and any supplementary materials using your reference number.

It is not necessary to upload all documents at once. Using your reference number you can revisit the page to upload additional materials at a later time. However, all materials must be uploaded prior to the submission deadline. Late materials will not be accepted.

Please note that a project will not be accepted for review unless we receive, no later than the submission deadline for each meeting, the following initial submission materials:

  • a completed online project information form
  • a letter from the authorized agency representative requesting CFA review
  • a digital copy of the project booklet (PDF preferred)