Submission Requirements for Shipstead-Luce Act Concept Review

See also specific submission requirements for permit review and additional requirements for signs and site work.

A complete concept review submission includes:

  • Application and Referral to the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts for Shipstead-Luce Review: a D.C.-required form for the provision of basic project information and applicant contact information. Form must be complete and legible. The applicants for whom complete contact information is provided will receive a copy of the CFA recommendation upon completion of the review.
  • Comprehensive digital photographs of the property, including the area of proposed work, views from the street and the public alley (if applicable), and contextual photos with adjacent structures clearly identified.
  • Architectural Drawings: complete, accurate, legible, and scaled digital drawings. It is essential that notes and dimensions be legible. Required drawings include, but are not limited to:
    • site plan, indicating footprint of adjacent or neighboring structures, significant features, fence lines, major trees or plantings, and property lines
    • complete floor plans and elevations showing existing conditions
    • complete floor plans and elevations showing proposed work
    • section drawings, contour plans, and landscape plans as required, depending on the scope of the work
    • drawings of full building facades indicating any awnings and signs (if applicable)
    • drawings indicating location, height, and style of any fences (if applicable)
    • drawings of full building facades indicating any exterior mechanical equipment (if applicable)
    • three-dimensional renderings may be included but are not required

Presentations to CFA

After the submission is received from DOB, CFA staff may determine that the project requires review by the Commission of Fine Arts in its public meeting. If notified by CFA staff that a public review will be required, the applicant must forward additional materials:

  • A digital project booklet (11x17 inch format, PDF preferred) for distribution to the members of the Commission in advance of the meeting. The booklet should describe the project scope, program, and goals and include the same drawings and photographs required above.
  • A digital presentation file that includes, but is not limited to, the graphic information provided in the project booklet, for presentation in the Commission of Fine Arts meeting.
  • Physical scale models or massing models, as appropriate, especially for complex building forms or sites, for presentation in the Commission of Fine Arts meeting. Photographs of the models should be included in the project booklet.
  • Exterior material samples if available.