Submission Requirements for Permit Review of Replacement Windows for Shipstead-Luce Projects

All window replacement proposals are subject to CFA design review. CFA does not approve insert installations that result in a wider face dimension between the edge of the frame or masonry opening and the glass, nor does CFA approve vinyl windows. Please contact CFA staff at (202) 504-2200 with any questions.

A complete permit review submission for window replacements includes, in addition to the basic requirements for a permit review submission, the following documents:

  • current exterior photographs documenting the existing conditions of each window proposed to be refurbished or replaced, as well as current exterior photographs of each building façade showing all windows, including those not proposed for replacement
  • scaled and dimensioned detail drawings of existing windows, including the existing sill, head, jamb, sash, frame, muntin, mullion, shutter, trim, brick mold, and any other distinctive feature for each window proposed for replacement, for comparison with the proposed replacement windows
  • information on the proposed replacement window units, with manufacturer's literature and details indicating the specific product proposed
  • scaled and dimensioned detail drawings of the replacement windows as they are proposed to be installed, showing trim and other features associated with the windows